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Juju Cleanse Detox Kits

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Great for newbies, easy on the palate,
but alkalinizing nonetheless! A delicious intro
to the world of juice fasting.

In one-day's supply you will enjoy:

4x Green Bomb
2x Spicy Limonada
2x Red Giant
4x Ginger Lemon

Level 2 - Juju Eats

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For those ready to take on a greater challenge,
and up the ante with more greens, more alkalinity,
more detox action.

In one-day's supply you will enjoy:

6x Green Bomb
2 x Red Giant
2x Ginger Lemon
2x Spicy Limonada

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You're a go-getter and want to go all the way!
This is as alkalinizing as it gets and you're t
he right person to get it done!

In one-day's supply you will enjoy:

10x Green Bomb
2x Ginger Lemon



How do I choose my cleanse level?

Start with a level that you’re comfortable with, and that you feel suits your needs the best.
It’s not necessary to push yourself into something that you feel is beyond your comfort zone.

How many days should I cleanse?

We highly recommended a three-day cleanse as studies show this to be the length of time that the body requires to detoxify and reduce cravings for caffeine, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. However, if you have never done a cleanse before, and your dietary history is generally an unhealthy one, then we recommend that you start off with a 1-day cleanse and slowly work your way up to the 3-days cleanse. By all means, though, if you feel you want to jump right into an intense level for a real health kick - go for it!

Is there a point to doing a 1-Day cleanse?

Sure there is! A one-day cleanse is a mini-break that you are offering your body so that it can finally get around to finishing its digestive duties of yesterday. This can also give you just enough time to refocus on better eating habits, or undo the damage done from an overindulgent night out.

What should I expect during a juice fast?

Everybody responds differently to the detoxification process. Depending on the level of toxicity in the body and your mental state you could experience dizziness, nausea, irritability and headaches. (Heavy smokers and coffee drinkers are heaviest hit by this, as their bodies begin to withdraw from the nicotine and caffeine.) Don't take these symptoms being negative though, they are actually indications that your body is in the process of purging itself of toxins. Even repeat fasters have different experiences from cleanse to cleanse.

Is there anything I can eat during the fast in case I get too hungry?

Juice fasting by definition means that you shouldn't be ingesting anything (except the juices + water +tea) all day, but we know that sometimes hunger pangs can get the better of you, particularly if you have never done a fast before and are used to eating large meals. If you absolutely must eat something then we recommend snacking on a few stalks of celery or cucumber slices. Drinking additional fluid during the day, or even a non-MSG laced vegetable broth also helps to take the edge off.

Will I lose weight during the cleanse?

It is possible to lose weight during a cleanse but don't expect too much out of a 1-day cleanse, as this may be just lost water weight. You are more likely to lose weight on a 3- day cleanse, especially if you combine this with a colon cleansing program. The amount of weight lost will vary from person to person.

Can I exercise during a cleanse?

Moderate exercises (such as yoga, Pilates, walking, or bike riding) are acceptable but rest is better when you are on a cleanse.

When should I place my order?

Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance of your cleanse date.

Do I have to strictly follow the suggested schedule?

Not at all. The schedule is only suggested. Some people wake up later, others wake up earlier. Whichever way works for you best is fine, we only recommend that you take each drink every 2.5 hours. The actual schedule that you do this to is entirely up to you.

Do I finish all twelve bottles in ONE day?

Yes, regardless of whether you are on a 1-Day or a 3-Day cleanse the kit of twelve juices that we deliver is to be finished in one day. You can find the suggested cleanse-schedule on our website, together with other cleansing guidelines.

What if I can't finish my drinks, does this reduce the effectivity of my cleanse?

Since you are not eating anything throughout the day we recommend that you drink as much of the cleanse juices as possible, as they are meant to be your nourishment for the day. However, if the volume is simply too much for you, it's absolutely nothing for you to worry about. You may drink them the next day. (The bottles may also be frozen if you will postpone consumption to a later date.

Can I postpone my cleanse for the next day after the juices have already been delivered?

The juices are produced just for you, and are freshest on the day that you have scheduled to consume them. Should you postpone your own cleanse, we can no longer guarantee the freshness or high nutritional content of the juices. Having said this, you may go ahead and FREEZE the juices and consume them at a later date.

Cleansing in a nutshell

Multi-tasking is exhausting (for your body and mind), and it's important to allow yourself to slow down, and find your balance.
It's about putting yourself first - and making your wellbeing a priority.
Indeed, a cleanse is about getting rid of toxins, but it's also about finding your peace, pampering, breaking a sweat, and releasing all that does not serve you. Think of it as a lifestyle cleanse.

How to Prepare for your Cleanse


Preparing for your cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. So for 1-2 days prior to your cleanse dates,
we urge you to get started on the following smart tips that you may (should!) even continue after your cleanse is over.

Reduce your intake of:

  • Animal protein and processed foods
  • Salt, refined sugar and carbs
  • Carbonated sodas, and caffeneited drinks
  • Alcohol and nicotine

Increase your intake of:

  • Water and herbal tees
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Sleep
  • Exercise


  • Start your day with a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning.
    This is a great liver stimulant that begins the cleansing process before you even have your first sip of juice.
  • Drink many glasses of water or unsweetened herbal tea in between juices. Hydration is essential in the cleansing process.


Break your fast gently by eating light meals that are easy on your digestive system.
Remember that moderation is key, so now is not the time to indulge.

Some tips for easing into a healthier lifestyle without making any drastic changes might be to:

  • Replace white sugar with brown sugar, muscovado, honey or stevia
  • Replace white bread and white rice with whole wheat and wild grain varieties
  • Stay away from processed foods such as lunch meats, bacon, hotdogs, etc.
  • Choose organic whenever possible for both your fresh produce and meat.
  • Stay away from fried 'anything' and always accompany a meal with a salad!

Your Cleanse is Delivered. What Now?


The colder you keep your juices, the fresher they stay.
Should you need to postpone your cleanse, we recommend that you FREEZE your juices til you are ready to consume them.


Start your day with a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning. This is a great liver stimulant that begins the cleansing process.

Drink many glasses of water or unsweetened herbal tea in between juices. Hydration is essential in the cleansing process. This helps to flush out the toxins being released by your body.

Do not gulp down your juice. Smaller sips are better for digestion/absorption of nutrients.

Should you feel dizzy, or hungry - go have a sensible snack. Nuts, fruit, soup or salad. This should take the edge off, and help get you back on track with your juices.


You will be drinking two (2) bottles per meal throughout the day.

This is a total of 12 bottles (per day) which are equivalent to 3 liters of pure juice per day. (For multiple day cleanses, we will be delivering 12 bottles to you daily.)

You may take your daily supplements, and continue with your regular exercise program while fasting

Why cleanse? 8 reasons to drink our juice!

  • Your immune system really needs a vitamin boost.
  • Feeling drained and under the weather.
  • You're exhausted, overworked, and stressed.
  • You feel bloated and lethargic.
  • You're craving sweet...salty... and cant stop snacking.
  • Your bowel movements haven't been great.
  • You're looking to lose a few pounds.
  • You've been enjoying a little too much alcohol.

Between everything we eat, the activities we lead, and the city we live in, we tend to accumulate toxins of all sorts. We store them in places like our colon, lymph nodes, and blood stream, and eventually, the junk begins to accumulate. So to make a long story short...every once in a while, we must take out the trash.
A toxic system is unable to properly absorb nutrients, as well as effectively detoxify naturally through our skin, kidneys and liver. This may eventually compromise our health and manifest in symptoms that one might not at first associate with your diet.

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

  • Easy Absorption: Drinking is easier on your body than eating is , as enzymes, vitamins and minerals can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. The energy that would otherwise have gone towards digestion can then be redirected towards detoxifying or cleansing.
  • Rehydration: Most people don’t drink enough during the day. We fix that.
  • Alkaline Restoration: Juju Cleanse promotes the alkalinity of body fluids essential for proper immune and metabolic function.
  • Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and more! Our program is full of the necessary micronutrients to get your body back in form.
  • Cleansing Action: Our juice cleanse may have a laxative effect which will help your body rid itself of toxins and improve your metabolism, which leads directly to the next point :
  • Weight loss: Some will lose more weight than others but this is a direct benefit due to the cleansing action of our juices.

The Main Toxin Culprits:

  • Processed food:  These chemical, preservative, sodium laden foods aren’t the healthiest things to be putting into our bodies.

  • Environmental pollutants: Difficult if not impossible to avoid, but toxic nonetheless.

  • Drugs: Whether these are prescription, over the counter, or the more illicit kind, limiting intake of these is always a good idea.

  • Alcohol: Your liver is never grateful and neither and neither are you the day after one too many. Some say that brewed is
    better for your than distilled. Others say that nothing at all is best.

  • Overeating: Many of us are overfed, yet undernourished. Give your digestive track a break. Moderation is key.